USD 12,000

Acrylic on composite substrate

153 cm (diameter)


Artist Profile
Tony Prove
b. Australia

Tony Prove's art form is characterised as “Industrial Abstraction” due to the incorporation of industrial-related methods, substrates, and mediums into the abstract form. Pieces are finished with a world-leading automotive UV-resistant clear coat, which provides long-term durability and a superior finish to each individual design. He has worked with a number of mainstream mediums over the years but rediscovered his true passion for the arts in the last decade, with the successful and unique usage of industrial-related methods, substrates, and mediums.

Tony Prove is an Australian artist with strong links to Malaysia, as he has been living in Kuala Lumpur since 1995 due to his involvement in several high-profile rail transportation projects. His affection for the arts is carried over from his early engineering days and the development of “Artist Impressions” for the rail industry.

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