Triangle Moonlight

USD 2,800

Acrylic on linen

61 x 61 cm


Artist Profile
Fendy Zakri
b. 1982, Malaysia

The artwork is a representation of the artist’s individualistic views of nature — specifically, the sun and the moon. This series shows the geometrical lapses of the moon with solid colours, interspersed with marking and tracing techniques that enable the viewer to move between the different hues and to view them as an individual fragment.

The inspiration for Fendy’s work never appears in the exact same manner twice. The work chronicles specific feelings which he experiences at specific times of day and attempts to convey those emotions to the viewer.

Fendy Zakri is a Malaysian Postwar & Contemporary painter in which he describes himself as an artistic visualiser with a minimal approach. In his career as an artist, Fendy has received notable awards including Incentive Award, Mekar Citra Gallery, Shah Alam in 2012, and was a Finalist for MEAA (Malaysian Emerging Artist Award), Kuala Lumpur in 2011. In 2019, he had his successful solo exhibition titled “Moonlight Fragment” in TAKSU Kuala Lumpur.

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