Untitled 15

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Acrylic on acrylic
22 x 22 cm

(Wall Sculpture)

Artist Profile

André Mendes
Born: 1979

André Mendes works with various different mediums, creating works of different painting styles and methods. He draws, manipulates and organizes the elements in his works with such ability that it allows him a “deliberate” use of pictorial language, a natural procedure that stands between the commitment to conceptual research and a purely aesthetic experience.

Andre Mendes graduated in Graphic Design from the Pontificia Catholic University of Paraná and specialist in artistic design at the Institut Superior de Disseny and Escola de la Imatge IDEP, Barcelona, Spain. He has been exhibiting at many national and international exhibitions Currently live and works in Curitiba, his research and production are focused on drawing, painting, sculpture, installations and site-specific project.


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